So apparently Ben Whishaw will play Freddie Mercury in a biopic that is still in production…smh everyone forgets that Freddie Mercury was Gujarati/Parsi and apparently the movie isn’t going to touch on his having AIDS.

This is really old news and, like, 10000000000000000000 other people complained about this too. The care factor is really past gone from this “racist argument” and so many “other” white actors are doing the same exact things, which nobody seems to bring up, which make point less relevant. Like, do you care Ashton Kutcher played Steve Jobs who was of Arabic decent? You probably didn’t even know because Steve looked white enough and you don’t really care enough about him, right? Btw, Ashton also went full on “black face” to play an Indian in a Popchip ad (people did make a stink about that tho).


This gorgeous man is going to be the death of me

no context but i relate to this

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