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White Angel of Death by ZerkWolf

Photos of Cillian from the 28 Days Later 2002 press tour. Film critic Stephen Eustace interviewed him around that time and shared this sweet story with OFYCM: 

My main memory of that was director Danny Boyle was taking interviews in one room and Cillian was in another room with his co-star Naomie Harris. When it was my turn to go into Cillian’s room, I was only interested in Cillian and only had questions for him even though I knew Naomie would be there too. I guess I wasn’t the only one who was focusing on Cillian, because I could see he was becoming increasingly mortified that Naomie was being practically ignored. He kept trying to involved her which I thought at the time was very nice of him. 

A scan of the interview published in the Wexford Echo in 2002 here. (X)  


Look at this fxxking cute hair !! XD


Cillian Murphy as Raymond Leon from In Time

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